Christmas idea for boys!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Christmas is coming and if like me you have males in the family who aren’t into football or sports there’s not a lot out there. However we were incredible lucky to receive to review the Gyro Zoomer mini RC Helicopter from Paramountzone (I do love their site!) and I have to say we were blown away by it (not literally it’s tiny but very impressive!) It also has great LEDS which light up and look rather fabulous! And it’s quick to responds once it’s in the air!  It’s a tiny device (only 11cm) but boy is it impressive. It warns you to fly it in an area of 10ft clear however my husband managed to fly is as high as the house (apparently by accident) Not only is it just FUN to play with and muck about you can also as your skills grow learn to do tricks with it. We haven’t mastered this yet as we’re working on the flying and trying to go left and right!

One thing to bear in mind is the price. It’s under £20 and with the handsets you can have 3 helicopters on different wave frequency’s so you can have more than one in the house. A big plus in our house and the boys have already asked for their own for Christmas as Daddy is rather hogging it!

As for the technical bit:

*         Only 11cm long (mini rc helicopter)
*         Smallest Gyro remote control helicopter in the world!
*         2 spare back propellers and main blade set included
*         Cool looking multicoloured LED lights
*         High powered Li-Poly battery included inside the rc helicopter
*         Charges via the remote or included USB cable (faster charging)
*         Charge time: About 20 minutes for full charge
*         Suitable for indoor or outdoor rc flying (no wind!)
*         Auto channel innovation means 3 models can be flown at the same time
*         Simply choose different bands on the controller, as any helicopter can fly on 3 different bands
*         Remote Control Helicopter Weight: Only 8g
*         Control it Up/Down, Left/Right, Forward/Back with the easy to use controller
*         Auto-stable Gyro technology for amazing flight control and performance
*         Innovative material presents crash damage to rc helicopter
*         Charger (Remote) supplied with LED charge indicator & Safety Auto shut off
*         Flight duration per charge: 6-8 minutes
*         RC Helicopter suitable for ages 8 & up

Having received this as a product to review I might be sounding bias but it is a fabulous toy to buy for any body or any age! Great grandparents were just as impressed and wanted ago as the 2 year old! Head over to Paramount as they have some incredible and different ideas for presents as well (over 600!)

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