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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Did you know Panasonic have an ideas kitchen in the middle of their offices? No neither did I till last month. I have been incredibly lucky to be chosen as one of 10 of Panasonic intelligent livingmums. Panasonic launched last month a wonderful new blogging program to help “understand the ever changing needs of today’s busy family life, introducing the concept of ”Intelligent Living Mums” to UK bloggers community” 10 bloggers were invited to attend a day discovering about Panasonic the brand (wow) and learning more about their products.
Ideas Kitchen - Where the magic takes place!
 Now Panasonic is the largest consumer electronics company so you wouldn’t expect it to have the sort of atmosphere it does. It’s as though all members are family – seriously! Really nice people who passionate about a company who take care of them well equals this fabulous atmosphere (of course the kitchen producing amazing bakes everyday might help)  We all know their products are high quality but did you know the reasons behind this? They make every part that goes in their products and they have a fabulous philosophy “If it doesn’t make your life better, don’t make it”

Panasonic Museum - What do you recognise?

Konosuke Matsushita  founded the company in after a pretty tough childhood. He started Panasonic in 1918 as a vendor of lamp lights and within 10 years began producing bicycle lamps. Quickly opening factories across Japan and was the only company who after the 2ndWW had his reinstatement as president demanded by his employees signing a 15000 strong petition. This gentleman who left home to work in a bicycle shop and live in the basement at 9 years old went on to fund a hospital for the poor and elderly where he later died himself in 1989. He was hugely philanthropic and ran his company on 7 goals by which they still run today:
v  Contribution to society
v  Fairness and honesty
v  Cooperation and team spirit
v  Untiring effort for Improvement
v  Courtesy and humility
v  Adaptability
v  Gratitude

Pretty impressive hey? That’s what gives it the great atmosphere!

So any how the products we were shown this event were the amazing bread makers, such impressive gluten free bread I made my mum go out and buy one (the recipe is below) tumble dryers, washing machines other kitchen appliances and personal appliances.  The folk at Panasonic run something they call the Ideas Kitchen. A fabulous site where no matter where you bought a Panasonic product from (yes even ebay) you can go along and see how to get the best out of your product. There’s also a phone number which directly goes through to their ideas kitchen so if you ever get stuck or you want a bit of help you can speak to someone directly – no robots, no dodgy call centres. In this ideas kitchen they taste each product repeatedly, for example the bread machines are tested with different brands of flour, yeast, oil regularly to see which produces the best results!

Square kettle? Makes it flush against the wall so
cables are loose for the children to pull on!
Safety and  space saving!

So much happened that I think I’ll have to save the rest for another post but just to say it involves a couple of reviews (hd video camera and epilator – not anywhere near as painful as I thought!)

But here’s the AMAZING gluten free bread recipe (I haven’t seen such springy loaves GF for a long time)
Gluten free bread with nuts and seeds

1tbsp linseeds
1tbsp pumpkin seeds
1tbsp sesame seeds
1tbsp millet seeds
1tbsp walnuts, chopped
350ml water
1tsp cider vinegar
4tsp vegetable oil
2 medium eggs
1tsp salt
1tsp sugar or honey
450g gluten free flour
1 ½ tsp fast action easy blend yeast


  1. Before making the bread, roast the nuts and seeds to enhance their nutty flavour.  Sprinkle with a little salt and leave to cool.  (I suggest you buy a packet of each of the seeds and nuts, cook them all together and when cooled store in an air tight containers as they are great for baking or stirring through salads to give texture and flavour).
  2. Place water, vinegar, oil, eggs, salt and sugar into the bread pan. 
  3. Add the flour, seeds and yeast and set your bread maker to the gluten free setting with the dark crust. 

This recipe is adapted from a recipe by Peter Sidwell in association with Panasonic

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