Go Camp France App Review

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Go Camp France recently asked if any of their followers were likely to be camping in France this summer and if so would they like to review their app. Now we’re off camping in France twice this year, one trip which involves travelling from top to bottom and then all the way back so I jumped at the chance! Having played around with it when we got the app I had to do a quick review before we go just to say how great it is!
Go Camp France is not just an app for people camping in France. It’s for any one on holiday or visiting. We as a family bigger lovers of France and have been many a time. But regardless of how many times you visit the same area you cannot remember exactly where the nearest pharmacy or petrol station is. This is where the Go Camp France to my mind comes into its own.
There’s an incredibly useful tab which tells you exactly where your nearest pharmacy, cash point, supermarket (inc opening times) tourist information points and family attractions (with helpful reviews) are and the distant from where you are staying. Having had to call up the doctors at 1am in the morning on our last visit and find our way across night time Normandy to a pharmacy which was open we could have done with the Go Camp France app then! One of my favourites is the events button. The French have a fair few holidays or celebrations where everything shuts down and if you know ahead you can plan and decide if you want to visit and what.
Now for a brief bit about the camping side. It has over 100 sites featured and reviewed and it also provides you with directions, maps, travel tips and the current offers and this includes well renowned companies like Canvas, Eurocamp, Vacansoleil, Siblu and more.  Pretty cool hey? There is also (which is rather handy) a phrase section. Which is nicely sub sectioned to help speed up the finding the right phrase process. Sorry to sound gushing but to have all the information at your fingertips (and just for 69p) without having to “google” it or drive in circles for hours is fantastic (especially when you have two youngsters fed up in the back)
I’ll post a more in-depth review when we’re tried it out and relied on it for 10 days! So come and take another look middle of June!

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  1. That's really interesting, thanks for the review. I'm off to France in a couple of months and although I won't be camping this app could still prove very useful.


  2. Just to let you know that the app has been updated and is now available to download for free from www.gocampfrance.co.uk/download-our-camping-app