What Am I Reading This Month

Saturday, April 07, 2012

A week into April already! I'm late I know, as some of you have kindly pointed out on twitter - daily! (good thing I like you!) with my reading post this month so without too much waffling here you go......

Since his trip "the long way round" I've been a huge fan of Charley however I only managed to watch a couple of episodes of this series so I'm giving the book ago before its repeated!
Daphne Du Maurier was my chosen author for world book night and I recently was sent an email advising me to try the sequel to Rebecca written by someone else however to me if you've never read Du Maurier then if you liked Rebecca you'll love Jamaica Inn - so much so I'm having to read it again!
French cookery last month - Italian this! Will be trying to make them gluten free to so wish me luck!
I could read this book every month! If you havent yet - whats stopping you? A classic for a very good reason!
Another world book night author and so well worth discovering! Snuff's been out for a while but my mum borrowed it first and only just handed it over!
Another amazing book - to me far better than the film which was amazing in itself.
I havent read Forster for a while but I used to be a fan of his while a teenager (yes its been that long) so I'm attempting to read his works again.

So thats my list for this month although no doubt far more will be read any suggestions you have leave a comment!

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  1. Hi I would love to get back to my reading as it is something I have always loved. But having M.E means I get mentally exhausted with the smallest amout of reading!! ( even this stuff online takes it's toll). However love all the Charely Boorman shows so the books must be a funny read. I have recently started to look into audio books as used one on a long journey recently which I thouroghly enjoyed. Maybe I will post 'What has been read to me ' post lol :)