Wooden Toy Benefits?

Monday, March 19, 2012

Have you ever wondered the benefits of a wooden toy? They don’t have the flashy lights or the 50 tunes a plastic toy has but a wooden toy will provide your child with something else – Imagination!

A wooden toy allows your child to develop their skills and personality. Is there anything better for a developing toddler than building up wooden blocks and see what can be used to knock them down again? Or developing hand and eye coordination with wooden jigsaws?  Motor skills & hand and eye coordination by bead threading? Or watching two four year olds mentally sail the seas with a wooden pirate ship? By far these wooden toys great for developing imagination and also they are a lot safer for your child.

 While plastic toys are mainly made abroad and created cheaply to be massed produced a wooden toy will created tougher and stronger. No being broken into shards within a week. No recalls within a month after dangerous chemicals in the colour.   A young child’s sensory development will also be increased by wooden toys. Smooth edges which are simple and smooth edged are great for chewing on relate to a young child’s understanding of the world. Similarly as their brain develops the wooden toy will be used in many different ways. Looking around the world today because of these reason wooden toys are starting to make the come back and success they had the in the pre 50’s.

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  1. There are wooden toys that follow the traditional way of design and have been consistently produced through the years.

  2. We completely agree with you. One can't ignore the role wooden toys play in the development of a child. Wooden toys improves their upbringing by making them more imaginative, creative and giving them a sense of responsibility towards our nature at such an early stage of life. Another best thing is they never run out of batteries :)