Sunday, January 22, 2012

Today we went off to Wisley (RHS) which is fairly local to us to see the "Butterflies In the Greenhouse" exhibit they have on at the moment (last day 29th feb) It is a beautiful garden and series of gardens, little gardens, veg patches, rockerys which have been created and cultivated by the RHS since my grandma and papa first went there 60 years ago!

You cant start anywhere until you've said hello to the fish!

Making Oak Leaf Boats

Part of the 1hr long queue


Amusing ourselves dancing in the queue

Waterfall! Far more exciting than a butterfly!

A Butterfly!!

A tiring but happy walk home

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  1. I remember going to Wisley when we lived in Esher! Looks like you all had a lovely family day out. thanks for taking the camera and sharing with the Country Kids linky. If you come to Cornwall do try the Eden Project, quite a bit in common!