Country Kids: Hill Rolling

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Its that time of the week again and Fiona over at Coombe Mill has her linky all ready and open for us to tell her what we've been doing outside this week.

Well this week we decided to visit a local National Trust and explore the grounds. The boys adore any where they can just "run" as they put and Uppark in Petersfield is perfect for this. Pretty much as far as the eye can see is perfect grass or field for running and hill rolling.

(of course it helps to have a flask of hot chocolate to defrost with this time of the year back at the car!)

Me and My Boys
Hill Rolling
Time for a rest
Admiring the grass

Trying to see if there were any moles hom
So why not pack up a flask with a hot drink or soup and go and investigate yourself!

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  1. Children like nothing better than open space to run in. Yours look like they are taking full advantage of a lovely day out there. Thank you for linking up with Country Kids.