Bunting - making my own & template

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The effect i'm going for

I like this!
At home we have a blank kitchen wall. Being a new house and not an outside wall its not strong enough to hang anything on so after flicking through a lot of expensive magazines I noticed bunting is very much “in” and fashionable at the moment so I thought there’s nothing to lose I’ll use bunting to cheer the wall up. Then I saw the price! However all bunting is material cut in a triangle sewn to ribbon, therefore no reason not to make my own.
Now where to get scraps of material? Quilting being all the rage at the moment smalls bits are more expensive then they use to be. So I popped in to our local furnishing shop who have lots of those lovely sample books. New season = New books. Obviously they then aren’t much good to anyone and he was selling off the books for 50p. I needless to say grabbed a few! One of which is oil cloth which is perfect for the kitchen so today I made a triangle template (the width of the material was 5” so that was the drop in the middle. So this is how far I’ve got (my boys help or rather hindered) and hopefully I’ll have it up by the weekend – stayed tuned!

The book of samples

First ones cut

So to make your own you need:
Pinking sheers (saves sewing the ages!)
Either binding or ribbon

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  1. I love bunting too, I'm hoping to make some for our summerhouse, it needs a bit of decoration inside. Thanks for the template!