Books for learning to read

Saturday, October 01, 2011

My eldest has just started learning sounds and learning to read at school and while he now loves being read books being a boy he’s not too interested in doing the work for himself. However, today we were at a local book shop and they had “Dear Zoo” by Rod Campbell a lift the flap book which is fun in itself but I hadn’t before realised how good it was for reading aloud. Most of the words in the book are the small words which he’s just started to learn. So with a very small amount of help he started to read the book himself. Big smiles all round and especially when his little brother came and sat next him to see the pictures.

So I would definitely recommend either buying this book or hiring from your local library if yours are just starting to learn to read.  Any other recommendations?

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  1. I remember this book from when I was little! In fact, I saw it in the library today - just didn't borrow it, cos Moo is more into eating books than reading them at the mo... paper pages and all that...!

    But I will def remember it for the future. Good luck to your little boy and his reading :) X