Holiday in the UK?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

I have just come back from an amazing holiday with my boys. It has beaten every trip we’ve ever had including 5 star in South Africa, the French Rivera, New York, you name it!  We spent an idyllic 7 days building dams, floating boats, exploring tropical and hidden gardens and playing it and out of the sea. So where did we go? Cornwall, England! That’s right 3 hours in the car down the road (and the odd motorway)
With over 32 million visitors coming to England on holiday we must be doing something right and I have to say I agree with them. Why cope with a stressful flight (it is with my two!) and head to a country where if you have kids you have to pack for every emergency in case they don’t sell what you’re looking for or battle (unless you’re fluent that is) with the language or idioms.

Holidaying in the UK be it in a caravan, tent, hotel or self catering has become increasingly popular in the last couple of years. Is it because we have so much to offer? While you can’t guarantee the weather you can choose from spending a week in a boutique hotel in the city, a log cabin by the lakes, a farm or cottage by the sea!
We choose a particular farm where the boys can feed the animals every morning after breakfast and we can spend the day doing two or more activities without having the stress of car travel. For example mothering Sunday we spent exploring a tropical garden (Heligan – definitely worth a visit!) and then in the afternoon on the beach chasing boats down little streams and round rock pools followed by a meal at a lovely child friendly hotel.  We went to stately homes, boat rides around private islands, steam train trips, surfing the waves, boutique restaurants and babbling brooks and all I have to say an a small budget!
There is not just the convenience side of it to consider but also the economic side? Yes you’ll save a great deal on emissions but what about the tourism side if you don’t use British transport? Well 4/5s of the UK tourism industry (£74 billion!) actually comes in from abroad. And the weather? Well we were incredibly lucky this week after all it was the first week of April but as climate change occurs experts are predicting that such cheap getaway places like the Costa de sol will in half a decade or so become too hot for us!

So why not support our tourism and stay in a castle in Scotland or a log cabin by the lakes, a cottage by the sea and explore the wonders our country has to offer before it gets to over run!

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  1. Sounds great and you managed to get the fab weather too. We are doing similar by going camping in the May half term and believe me none of us can wait. Normally my boys struggle to stay away from their game consoles so I love the fact they go and play outdoors all day on hols!!

  2. I loooove Cornwall - Devon's lovely too - and living in Bristol means that really, it's just down the road from us!! Glad you had a nice time, it's almost a shame to come home ;)

    Good photos too. Now I can't wait to go on my hols...

  3. Some of my best childhood holiday memories are of holidays taken in the UK; we do live in a beautiful country. And going abroad is no guarantee of good weather anyway - I can remember some pretty wet holidays in France for example. I can't wait until my little oen is big enough for us to take her to some of the places I loved as a child.