Spring has sprung the dirt has riz.......

Well it’s now March which to me is the start of Spring. January and February are gone and the days are getting noticeably longer. So I’ve decided to make my page look a bit more spring/summery. This brings with it also the dreaded Spring Clean. I don’t dread having a tidy house but the chemicals of all the cleaning equipment mean I swell up and start looking like a bullfrog round the throat.This year therefore I’ve decided to do it without chemicals or having to lug out sopping wet duvets on to the line in the hope that it stays dry and windy long enough to dry them before bedtime. Heres my tips for a chemical free spring clean!

Beds - The dry cleaning or even going to a laundrette and washing them came to the same price as new duvets so I decided to veto this idea this year and clean them out some other way. They were all in fairly good condition with no stains on them so I placed each duvet in a huge vacuum bag and sucked! And sucked and sucked!  This apparently gets rid of all the horrible bits of dead skin which has accumulated since I last did this (when? Don’t ask!)
Mattresses – A good vacuum and being shut in the room with the window wide open is enough to free all the bugs and give them a good airing!
Floor - Sprinkle some bicarbonate of soda over the carpet to get rid of smells and also bits of cotton wool with Lavender drops popped on them placed under the bed and in the cupboards keep away bugs, moths and beasties.
Bathrooms – A good scrub and clean! To make my tile grouts whiter than white and get rid of any soap scum bicarbonate of soda mixed with some lemon juice and a good scrub of the paste with a toothbrush and leave for a couple of minutes did the trick here. The rest of the bathroom got a good  clean with vinegar and water spray (250ml vinegar, the juice of 1 lemon and 500ml water ) which brings the sinks and taps up lovely and shiny. The toilet on the other hand I am not going to stick my cleaning toothbrush anywhere near! Thankfully though I love drinking diet coke out of cans and only ever seem to get half way down. The remainder was tipped down the toilets and given a good scrub with the toilet brush. Apparently vinegar chucked down also does this but can be a bit pricey.
Lounge – Hmmmm Hoover the curtains and using a duster tied to the end of a long stick gets the cobwebs . Baby wipes work great on all stains and marks on the wall. I hate to think what they do to my babys skin but gosh they’re great on everything else!
Mirrors  - If they’ve built up residue cool a tea bag down in some water and wipe this water over the surface first (it lifts the residue) then use the good old vinegar and water spray to bring them clean shiny and smear free!
Kitchen – Vinegar being a natural antibacterial cleaner does a great job in here. By the way if I didn’t mention it before only use white vinegar! However if your microwave and oven look a little worse of chuck in some wedges of lemon and either microwave for 30 seconds or chuck in the over for ten minutes or so. This loosens the grease and helps cleaning easier!  Also rubbing a lemon across your kitchen chopping board will clean and deodorize it.


  1. What fabulous tips!

    Now all I have to do is find the motivation, and I'm sorted! :) x

  2. Following you back :) What a fantastic blog and great tips :) Time to get those cleaning gloves out!