Wednesday, March 09, 2011

My doctor is wonderful, she specialises in everything and will look at other remedies rather than just handing out drugs which is exactly what she did to me when she prescribed me half a bar of good chocolate a day!

Needless to say I didn’t disagree at all and when asked what she classed as a good chocolate she replied Montezuma’s Dark Chocolate – its pure – no dairy – eco friendly – increased my essential red bloods cell and taste FANTASTIC! And they have some amazing new creations - Sea Dog: Dark chocolate with sea salt and lime – One of my favorites! (and vegan!) Gourmet Gorilla: Dark chocolate with almonds and hazelnuts.

I’ve always been rather picky over what chocolate I eat, Bourneville or Cadburys only please but I had to stop even these when my little one was born as he has a severe milk allergy and it now turns out my eldest does to. So I have to admit I was somewhat dubious as I like chocolate to taste like chocolate not cocoa powder however within a day I was hooked!  And I want to share with you their great taste so I have 5 Bars to give away. Just follow me here or on twitter and give me your best ideas for chocolate!
PS while you’re at check out and some of their latest creations! 

Follow and leave me a comment below or on twitter and share with me your best ideas for chocolate. I adore mine grated over ice cream (non dairy of course!)

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  1. oooh sounds yum! Thanks for hosting great giveaway... I, uhm, just love eating chocolate as it is! Or maybe make choco macaroons?

    Off to follow you on twitter now


  2. What a gorgeous giveaway! I'm following you on twitter (@meedja), and I love Montezuma's after a friend gave me a bag of Cherry Can for Christmas one year (what a fab friend!)

    And as for my chocolate idea, I find it's best enjoyed while relaxing in the bath, when someone else is on baby-monitor duty.

  3. I always find chocolate is best enjoyed with a glass of fine armagnac...yum!
    Thanks for the lovely giveaway! @superluckydi

  4. i follow your blog and on twitter. the chocolate sounds great. I love eating a nice bar of chocolate with a nice cup of tea!


  5. I always like my chocolate with good strong espresso after dinner- makes me feel grown-up!!

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  6. Mmm I do love chocolate! I used to do an awful thing.. I used to make a tub of chocolate buttercream topping for my cupcakes.. and then just eat the tub as a snack! :O I dont do that anymore though :D well.. rarely ;)

    Great giveaway :)

  7. @needaphone I love chocolate picks me up when I am down x reweeted and following you x Greta blog

  8. @clarateddy great giveaway - I always treat myself to a bar of choc for medicinal purposes

  9. Whenever I have a bar of chocolate I have to have a cup of black coffee to go with it, don't know why but it's like a ritual for me :-)

    I follow your blog and on Twitter


  10. Personally as long as you're eating it I cant really choose! So.... DM your addresses people and you all win!