Clothkits is back!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I should imagine many of us remember the wonders of Clothkits back in the 80’s. I had a wonderful farm jacket which had different animals in each pocket and was a huge favourite so you can imagine my delight when surfing the internet I discovered they were back!
Formed in the late 60’s by Anne Kennedy at her kitchen table it grew to vast proportions and into everyone’s home. They were brought out then in the late eighties by freemans and went quickly into hibernation until 4 years ago when mum Kay Mawer an artist restarted the company.

Clothkits is based around beautiful and fun clothing which you can make at home in kits without the fuss of having to cut out patterns and working the way of the cloth.  Each kit has everything you need to make the outfit or item from the lovely fabric down to the buttons and thread needed. We also noticed that in a lot of the children’s patterns there is in the extra fabric a little rag doll you can also cut and sew for your little ones.

With today’s society being bored of poorly made and identical clothing its refreshing to find such fun and bright clothes which are individual but also exciting and stylish which you can make yourself! Not only for children they have some amazing and fun skirts for us to. I adore this bustle skirt and it’s so easy to make!  On board they have some magnificent designers in Jane Foster and Rob Ryan who used to work with Paul Smith among others. However they also run regular competitions to find new designers most recently shown off at Goodwood Vintage show.

If you don’t fancy cutting out and sewing these delights you can buy them from clothkits pre-sewed, they also offer a fabulous one off bespoke service. So why not head over to the website and browse their glorious range maybe buy a simple wrap round skirt (starting at £15) and decorate it yourself from some of their fabulous and funky accessories.

Below find just some of my favourites!

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  1. I've made a tunic version of the red birdy dress :) Well, I say that, it's still waiting for me to sew some press studs on it. What a timely reminder! My mother in Law has just brought me another in purple that looks gorgeous. Really love those white dungarees too! x

  2. I've never heard of these before but they sound like a great idea, I'm definitely going to investigate!