My affair with books.

One day when after I’ve won the lottery and sorted out family and kids I want to buy a book shop. Despite my husband complaining we already do I would love an independent book and coffee shop. I love walking in when it’s not to manic and take that first whiff of ink and coffee. Like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s I love the calm and quiet and general atmosphere (plus a book is a wee bit cheaper than a diamond necklace!) Then being able to browse through anything from crime to chick lit to the latest wildlife series or film book.  Then once deciding on your latest day dream sitting in the coffee shop with a hot creamy coffee and being able to steep yourself into a good book and lose yourself for a little while.
We have books everywhere at home. The bath, the bedrooms, the kitchen, the cloakroom, the car, the lounge and the stairway. Much to my family’s amusement I can have anything up to four books going at once depending on whether I’ve had to stop and wait somewhere in the car or I’m having a bath or walking my little one off to sleep. The minute I’ve read the first sentence I’m lost and the stress of the day has gone even if only for a few minutes. How people can turn away from books and libraries and decide films and TV’s are better and books redundant are beyond me. I can only assume they have never found the right book. Be it Agatha Christie and her wonderful detectives or a relaxing Jill Mansell or even being intrigued by Terry Pratchetts Disc world or the latest celebrity story there is a book for everyone. Do go out and find it. It’s the best stress buster in the world!

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  1. fab post and so true. The only problem I have found is that since I started blogging I have no time for reading.
    Love your post of things to do too.
    great blog. Found you via BMB by the way x