After much procrastination and eyeing up of other blogs I decided today to take the plunge and start my own.  So a quick hello to any one who stumbles across this and reads it by accident.

I discovered today that I can no longer use Dettol or Milton which has been a huge disappointment as I love and very weirdly adore the smell of Dettol. Take me to a hospital room which has been cleaned from floor to ceiling and I’m in seventh heaven. That is until I had Harry my youngest little boy. Even since then and I can only blame it on the horrors of hormones which have wrecked my body I cannot be in the same room as certain chemicals without my neck and glands swelling up to make me look like a monster only featured in cartoons. Since we’re currently trying to sell our house ready for the big move its slightly inconvenient as with three boys in the house the place doesn’t clean for more than half a day. My husband’s grandma though suffered from the same thing and he just started informing of all the wonders of vinegar, water and lemon juice. I’ve always used vinegar and water to clean my windows (something my grandma taught me) but to clean a kitchen? However after googling half the afternoon I’ve decided to brave it with maybe a bit of bicarbonate of soda in to shove those stubborn stains. I’ll report back as to how it works and what on earth I find to clean the toilets and daily carpets stains. If anyone has any extra ideas please do comment!

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  1. I think you can pretty much do anything with Bicarb, and lemon juice is pretty handy too. I do use bicarb on my taps and it brings them up all shiny :) xX